Dr Ashish Sabharwal has performed over 2,000+ robotic prostate surgeries. Below are only some of the success stories of his patients.


Dr Chris Okonkwo

Patient name: Dr. Chris Okonkwo Country: Nigeria Diagnosis: BPH Treatment : Green Light PVP Laser Prostatectomy Patient Experience: “Hello. I am Dr. Chris Okonkwo, an engineer and Business Scholar. My contact with Dr. Ashish Sabharwal was after having watched my PSA values rise in Nigeria that I became concerned. It was under National Hospital Abuja where I was not comfortable… Read more “Dr Chris Okonkwo”

Wilson Muchenje

Patient name: Wilson Muchenje Date: February 2018 Country: Zimbabwe Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer Treatment : Robotic Radical Prostatectomy   Patient Experience:   ” My Robotic Prostatectomy Experience under Dr Ashish Sabharwal When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the end of 2017, it was a very stressful time for me and my family. Additional worries came from the fact that… Read more “Wilson Muchenje”

Shehu Abdullahi Babaji

Patient name:  Shehu Abdullahi Babaji Date: March 2018 Country: Nigeria Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer Treatment : Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Patient Experience: “I had surgery ( radical prostatectomy), for prostate cancer on 1st March, 2018 by Team of Surgeons led by renowned Urologist Dr. Ashish. I have fully recovered and am feeling well. My was fully continent when my catheter was… Read more “Shehu Abdullahi Babaji”

Rt. Hon. (Pharm) Donatus Ozoemena

Patient name: Rt. Hon. (Pharm) Donatus Ozoemena Date: November, 2014 Country: Nigeria Diagnosis: Recurrent Prostate Cancer Treatment : Salvage Radical Prostatectomy Patient Experience: ” I am sharing my experience so that men over forty years would see the need for regular medical checks especially their Prostate Specific Antige(PSA). It was first in 2013 when I… Read more “Rt. Hon. (Pharm) Donatus Ozoemena”

Oziegbe Ihimire Paul

Patient name: Oziegbe Ihimire Paul Date: march 2017 Country: Nigeria Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer Treatment : robotic Radical Prostatectomy Patient Experience: “Dr Ashish is the Robotic surgeon giant of our time.He is an expert in the art .”

Oziegbe Ihimire Paul

Patient name:  Oziegbe Ihimire Paul Date: march 2018 Country: Nigeria Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer Treatment : robotic Radical Prostatectomy Patient Experience:   “My experience was a pleasant one because I am declared cancer free after the surgery and removal of Timur weighing 40gms. I also got strict supervision after the surgery which assisted in my early discharge (2days) after the… Read more “Oziegbe Ihimire Paul”

John Ray Da Silva

Patient name:  Mr John Ray Da Silva Date: march 2018 Country: Zimbabwe Diagnosis: Prostate and Kidney Cancer Treatment : Robotic Radical Nephrectomy with Robotic Partial Nephrectomy Patient Experience: “I , Mr John Ray Da Silva from Zimbabwe was diagnosed with 2 cancer at the same time Prostate cancer and Renal Cancer.I underwent Robotic Radical Prostatectomy and Partial Nephrectomy in… Read more “John Ray Da Silva”

Izuegbu Emmanuel

Patient name: Izuegbu Emmanuel Date: march 2018 Country: Nigeria Diagnosis: Prostate cancer Treatment : Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Patient Experience: “i , Mr Izuegbu Emmanuel from Nigeria was diagnosed with Prostate cancer . I underwent Robotic Radical Prostatectomy under Dr Ashish Sabharwal. My Experiance : The surgeon Dr. Ashish is a good professional. His coordinator is… Read more “Izuegbu Emmanuel”

Izuegbu Emmanuel

Sam Rubasimbira

Patient name:  Mr Sam Rubasimbira Date: January 2017 Country: Uganda Diagnosis: Prostate cancer Treatment : Robotic Radical Prostatectomy Patient Experience: “Dr Ashish Sabharwal operated my dad Sam Rubasimbira who recovered well and is now going about his duties. He is highly experienced and with a great team with world class customer care. He checks on dad whenever in Uganda which… Read more “Sam Rubasimbira”

Sam Rubasimbira